Top 8 Best WhatsApp Tips And Tricks Of 2017: Must Try Them


    Millions of people are using WhatsApp these days. It is as popular as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. With millions of users, we can presume that most of the people at least use it once in a day. And everybody thinks that they know everything about WhatsApp. Maybe some of them do. But most of the people doesnít, because technology wonít stop. There are always more tips and tricks which you can learn and use anytime. So thatís why today I am going to tell you about Top 8 Best And Cool WhatsApp Tips And Tricks which will definitely help you to become WhatsApp pro. So check out the Tricks in the description below.

    Top 8 Best WhatsApp Tips And Tricks Of 2017


    If you are chatting with 2 or 3 people at the same time on WhatsApp like with your girlfriend, wife, and with others, it wonít be easy to manage all those chats. So to make it easy, you can create conversation shortcuts to your home screen so that you donít need to open WhatsApp again and again to check who texted you. Follow these steps to know how to create chat shortcuts on WhatsApp.

    Open WhatsApp > Chats Tab > Long Press On the Chat You Want On Home Screen > Select Add Chat Shortcut.

    2. Library Images

    We know that Sharing Feature of WhatsApp is a great tool. But sometimes it becomes a headache especially when you are the part of some group on which so many images and videos are sharing. Those media files got auto download in your library. Many people find it good. But people who have less data and doesnít want auto-download those media files, they find it annoying. Because those images and videos can clog up your library and will take more space in your memory. So if you want to stop that, follow the steps below.


    Open WhatsApp > Options > Settings > Data Usage. And there you can select media auto-download to your preferences like when using mobile data or when using WiFi or When Roaming.

    3. Schedule Messages


    Are you not good with the dates? Do you find it tough to remember things? For example, anniversary of your parents, birthday of your girlfriend. They might kill you if you forgot to wish them. But you can sort it out with WhatsApp.

    All you need to do is download a 3rd Party app which will work only on rooted or jailbreak device. So first root your phone and then download these apps.

    For Android ó ¬†¬† Seebye Scheduler ROOT (free)

    For iOS ó Message Scheduler for WhatsApp ($0.99 on Cydia)

    4. New Broadcast


    This feature of WhatsApp works almost same as Blind Carbon Copy which is actually an email feature. That feature will allow you to send out the same message to so many people. To use the broadcast feature on WhatsApp, try the following Steps.

    Open App > Options > New Broadcast > Choose the recipients > Create.

    You can check it later that who got your message, who opened it and they can easily reply back to you individually and privately.

    5. Lock WhatsApp


    If lots of people use your phone for example, kids who play video games on it. They can easily access your chats and use it to annoy you. So for the safety, just download the third-party app which will lock your WhatsApp with pattern or code.

    For Android ó ¬†¬† AppLock

    For iOS (jailbroken device) ó ¬†¬† iAppLock

    6. Supercharge Your Privacy

    You know about the 2 blue ticks of WhatsApp. It is a boon to usefulness but definitely a blow to privacy. If you are the part of some massive group which is actually full of strangers and you donít want to share your personal info with them like seeing your face, your Last seen and Status. Just hide them with the steps below.


    Go to the Options in WhatsApp > Settings > Open Account > Privacy and there you can select your personal info according to your preferences.

    7. Change the Background


    People have been using WhatsApp since 2010. And you have noticed that developers use the same cartoon doodles background image which I found is really weird. But thank god we have an option to change that.

    Just go to the Options. Click on settings, open chats and there you will find a wallpaper option which you can choose to change the background of any chat you want.

    8. Search and Starred Messages

    I have seen my lots of friends like if they want some number or mail id on WhatsApp, they went all the way back to the chats and then scrolling it down and down to find that number or mail ID.

    It feels you are finding needle in the grass. To save the time and to make it faster, just use the Search option to find the important number and ID, OR Just use the Starred Message option which will allow you find the chat later if itís important to you. To use these features, follow the step below.

    Search: Open the chat > Options > Search and there, enter the phrase or number you are looking for.


    Starred Message: Open the Chat > Long Press on the Individual Message that you want to save > Click on the Star icon in the top bar of the Screen. To see those messages, just click on options and select Starred Messages.


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