Top 7 Cool Tricks You Can Learn To Look Like A Hacker: Become Popular Among Friends


    Hacking is the cool thing. Everybody knows that. I mean, if you will tell someone that you are a hacker, the first reaction of someone would be like ó Vow, Cool!. Many people want to be anonymous and become Hacker, but they donít want to learn all those programming and code stuff which is actually important in Ethical Hacking. But there is an alternative to that. You can show everyone that you are a hacker and impress them with your tricks. You donít need any technical knowledge to look like a hacker. You just need to learn Top 7 ways here so that you can show your cool tricks to your friends and to anyone whom you want to impress. So must check out the description below to try these tricks if you want to look like the one.

    Top 7 Best Ways You Can Learn To Look Like A Hacker

    1. Hackertyper: Type Like a Hacker

    This is a cool prank website which will help you¬† to look like a hacker. All you need to do is open the¬† website ó, then type anything you want in it and just press the ALT button twice and it will show an Access Granted message. It will show like the image below.


    2. Change the color of the Command Prompt

    You can change the Command Prompt text color to green by typing a change color command and also change the background to black so that you can show everyone that you are doing hacking stuff.


    3. Steal the Saved Login Passwords from Chrome Browser

    If you want to hack the saved login passwords from chrome, just open Chrome, type chrome: //settings/passwords in the URL bar and press enter. There you will see all the saved passwords list. With this trick you can show that you can hack saved passwords from Chrome Browser.

    4. Inspect Element Trick


    This trick will show you the Asterisk passwords or masked passwords. You can see that by opening up an inspect element. There you just need to change the input type from password to text.

    5. Make Virus From Notepad

    You can easily create a virus from notepad. If you want to shut down your friendís computer with some warning message in it, open your friendís PC, just copy paste the given code on notepad in it, save file as shutdownvirus.bat. Let him open the file and see the result.

    @echo off
    Shutdown.exe -s -t 10
    msg * Have a Good Night.

    6. Install Keylogger on Othersí Computer


    Keylogger is actually a hacking tool which you can use to get the information from other computers or from your friendís computer. It will send you the record input of everything that a person will type on his/her computer including passwords. Because it captures all types of keystrokes and easily send the data to the specified mail. You can call yourself a hacker if you will use this trick.

    7. Disable Other Users Wi-Fi Connection


    Netcut is the program you can use to cut off other users Wi-Fi connections. Disable their net connection with the software and enjoy all the bandwidth and speed of WiFi. Netcut program will show that how many users are connected to the WiFi network.

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