How To Download Paid Android Apps & Games For Free (3 Ways)

How To Download Paid Android Apps & Games For Free (3 Ways)



We have compiled three methods which will help you download paid Android apps for free. This will be the awesome trick for those who want to enjoy paid apps in their smartphone.

Today millions of people are adopting an Android device and they prefer to download and install new apps on their Android device. These apps help in customizing your Android background. Most of the Android users download and install apps from Google Play Store. There are lots of excellent apps available there. But there are some apps which are paid and we have to pay money in order to use them. So in this post, we will tell you the process to Download Paid Apps For Free in your Android Smartphone. By this, you will be able to download nearly all paid apps of Google Play Store on your mobile. Just follow the underneath methods to download paid apps for free.

How To Download Paid Android Apps & Games For Free

Below we have stated three methods to download paid apps for free on your Android device. All the processes are very manageable and easy to implement and are 100% working.

#1 Method To Download Paid Apps For Free

In this method, you will be using an Android app to install paid apps for free on your Android device. Just follow the below steps to proceed.

Step 1. Firstly, download Black Mart Alpha app on your Android device. Now Install the app on your Android Phone.


Step 2. Now Search Any Paid Apps in Google Play store and remember the name of that app and also its version in the description of the app.


Step 3. Now Open Black mart app and in the search box enter the name of that app which you have searched in Google Play Store.


Step 4. Now download that particular app through Black Mart on your Mobile Phone.


Thats it! You are done with installing paid apps for free on your Android device.

#2 Method To Download Paid Apps For Free

In this method, you can download the paid apps from the free sites and then you can transfer Apk files on your mobile phone and can install paid apps for free.

Step 1. Firstly go to or on your PC or your can also install their apps on your mobile phone for free.


Step 2. Now open these sites and you have to search the exact name of particular apps which you want to download in the format of App name.apk. Dont forget to enter the name without .apk .


Step 3. Now directly download the apps from that site on your PC or laptop and transfer them to your mobile phone.


Step 4. Now install them on your phone and have fun with paid apps for free.

#3 Alternative Of Google Play Store That Provides Free Apps:

1Mobile Market


1Mobile is a quality platform made for global Android users supplying various apps and safe downloads. The aim of the website is to give every Android user free, fast and reliable downloading. It has more than 1,600,000 free apps & games,
CDN acceleration.



This is another platform which is made for Android users which supply various apps. The app is not much properly coded thats why users might find it lit bit difficult to use. However, it never fails to provide free apps. GetApk makes it easy to find newly added apps.



9Apps is the worlds largest third-party Android app store and mobile applications distribution platform, with current daily app downloads of up to 26 million. Here you can find mostly all the apps for free. It is one of the best alternates of Google play store.

Amazon App Store


By the means of popularity, it comes next to Google Play Store. There is no web interface for Amazon app store users need to install the apk for using it. The apps are categorized just like Google play store it is user-friendly too. You can download it from here.

So above are the three methods for How To Download Paid Apps For Free. By certain methods, you can download all your favorite paid apps like Games and apps on your mobile device. Also, you can transfer those apps to your friends android mobile and can have pleasure by using paid apps for free. Dont forget to share this cool post with your friend. And leave a comment below if you face any problem with installing any app by the methods discussed above.