Alexa Learns To Talk Like A Human

Alexa Learns To Talk Like A Human


For all those who don’t know what Alexa is, Alexa is the Virtual Assistant of AMAZON. The company in April announced that its virtual assistant is going to be insanely human, however, there are several touches given by Alexa app developers which are not at all human like. The developers have imparted Alexa the skills to do things like whisper, take a breath to pause for emphasis, adjust the rate, pitch and volume of her speech, and many more.


These new tools were implanted in Alexa in the form of a standardized markup language called SPEECH SYNTHESIS Markup Language, which will let the developers code Alexa’s speech patterns into their applications. In this way, they can control its pronunciation, intonation, timing and emotion of her text response.

When Alexa is compared to Apple’s Siri, it has more of a personality, it answers the questions like ” I Love  You ” and even tell jokes, she has even been taught to sing songs for its users, however, sometimes her voice sounds robotic.


To show how the skills imparted to Alexa could work in a real Alexa App, Amazon created a quiz game template which can also be modified by the developers to test out Alexa’s new voice tricks.

There are now over 12,000 Alexa skills on the marketplace but its unknown how many developers will actually put the new voice tags to work.

since Alexa is still in developing mode, it is clear that it will be the smartest virtual assistant.